Take a look at the following video clips that talk about our drive-ins.  You will need Windows Media Player 9 to view these clips.  Click the logo at the bottom if you need to get Windows Media Player 9.

See Jim and The Galaxy Drive-In on KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh on their Hometown Faces & Places segment.

5.76MB - Windows Media Video

The commercial for the Galaxy Drive-In that airs during the summer months in the Vandergrift area.  "Take Me Out to the Drive-In"

1.18MB - Windows Media Video

See a brief segment on the Moonlite Drive-In from a local public broadcasting show.

2.23MB - Windows Media Video


Here are some audio clips of various events and happenings at the drive-ins.

3 Stooges (1.0MB - mp3)

A radio commercial for the 3 Stooges / Katrina Red Cross Benefit held at The Moonlite.

Twister (1.7MB - WAV)

Dear Patron:

This sound file was played before the start of TWISTER. If you remember the drive-in theatre that blew down in that movie was the GALAXY. So as you can imagine, everyone wanted to see TWISTER at the GALAXY. So I thought it would be fun to pretend that there were twisters headed toward the GALAXY. So let me take you to that time.

Of course it is dark at the GALAXY and we have a big crowd. Before we start the movie, we play this tape with thunder in the back ground. At the same time we have installed large strobe lights on the roof of the concession stand. So you are hearing thunder, and seeing simulated lightning while you wait for the movie TWISTER to start. Now what made the effect even more realistic was the heat lightning in the sky. So while all of this is happening, you hear the national weather SEVERE WEATHER alert over your radio. And the announcer tells you that there are numerous TORNADOS heading toward the GALAXY DRIVE-IN THEATRE, and tells you to take cover. Now do you believe what you are hearing? Once the warning concluded, all of the lights in the theatre went OFF. Itís now Totally Dark, and quiet. Then you get startled as you hear a fire department siren blowing loud at the drive-in. Yes we had a real siren mounted on the concession roof. So what do you do? What would you do?

Moonlite Opening Soon (540K - WAV)

Moonlite Now Open (1.3MB - WAV)
Moonlite Inspector Gadget (484K - WAV)
Moonlite The Blair Witch (532K - WAV)
KDKA Interview - July 14th 1998 (3.9MB - WAV)
KDKA Interview - April 27th 1999 (3.03MB - WAV)
Galaxy Car Show (1MB - WAV)

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