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Sandwiches & Other Specialties
Hamburgers Cheeseburgers Bacon Cheeseburgers Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken Parmesan Popcorn BBQ Rib Ham and Cheese
Hot Dogs Footlong Hot Dogs Double Cheeseburger Roast Beef with Provolonge
Hot Italian Sausage Pizza (slice or whole) French Fries Nachos
Soft Pretzels Cheese Pretzels Turkey & Provolone Steak & Cheese
Cheese Sticks Meatball Hoagie Corn Dogs Turkey & Provolone
Roast Beef w/ Provolone Ham & Cheese    
Reese Pieces and M&M's Skittles Cookie Dough Bites Sour Patch Kids
Gummi Bears Sno Caps Goobers Raisinettes
Cotton Candy Bottle Caps Swedish Fish Mike & Ike
Bottled Water Coffee Hot Chocolate Coke
Diet Coke Barqs Root Beer/font> Sprite Zero Gold Peak Sweet Tea
Cherry Coke Fanta Orange Minute Maid Lemonade Gold Peak Raspberry Tea
Tummy Yummys - Assorted Flavors      
Ice Cream
Seasonal Novelty Ice Cream


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