Why do you show a new movie for two weeks?

Any time we book a new movie on it's initial release we have to show it for at least two weeks. These are the terms from all of the the film companies. We have to abide by these terms to get you the new movies you want to see.
Why don't you show more family oriented pictures?

We prefer to show family oriented pictures during the summer months. We can only show what the film companies make. If you look closely, you'll see that we show as many family shows as we can. In the spring and fall, we do show more adult movies. We do this because the weather can be difficult and the families don't visit the drive-in in this weather.
Why are we not permitted to bring in our own food and beverage?

A drive-in theatres’ survival depends on their patrons visiting and having dinner and snacks at our concession stands. The majority of the ticket price that you paid us for admission is forwarded to the film company. The film companies produce and own the movies, so this is how they make their money. We offer two movies for less than you pay for one at an indoor theatre, so that our patrons enjoy an entire evening of entertainment while visiting the concession stand before, during and between the shows so that we have the opportunity to make money. If you bring outside food and drinks you are contributing to the demise of the drive-in theatres.

We are now at a point where we the drive-in theatres have to operate with the same benefits as an indoor theatre while still offering two great movies for less cost than one movie at the indoor theatre. As we all know, the number of operating drive-ins drop each and every year. It’s been extremely difficult to keep this little piece of Americana open and operating for many years. Now the drive-ins have to invest over $100,000 to convert to digital projection. This conversion must be done by 2013 or any and all drive-in theatres will be out of business as the film companies will no longer be offering film as an option. Since we have no choice but to either make the digital conversion or close our doors, we at the Moonlite must also adjust our business operations to attempt to help raise the capital funds needed to afford financing that we must obtain to make this most crucial change to the theatre industry in over 100 years. We ask for your understanding and more importantly your support. Without it, 2012 will be the final summer of operation for the Moonlite.

Why do you show PG or G movies and then an R rated movie?

Sometimes I feel that a movie is a good second feature. For a lot of patrons this works well because their children are asleep by the time the second picture starts. Sometimes I can't help running an R rated movie because I have to show two movies from the same film companies. Some film companies do not want their product showing with another film companies products.
Can you tell us what shows will be showing all summer or can you tell me what movies will be playing on a specific date ?

Very often our valued patrons ask this question. There are times when I know what will be playing a week in advance. More than often I don't know what will be playing on Friday until Monday or Tuesday of that week. That is all of the advance notice that I can offer. Remember you can
join our email newsletter by submitting your email address. When I know what's showing you will too - if you're subscribed to our movie e-mail list.
Do you operate in bad weather?

As you know we have a longer operating season than most drive-ins in our area. We open from March until sometime in late fall. During our season we are exposed to cold, snow, rain, and fog. As long as there is one car at show time we will run. If no one is there, we go home. We do not offer cash refunds or rain passes for inclement weather. If we have fog that is unpassable during the first movie, we will give you a pass to return at the manager's discretion..


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