Jim Lipuma’s first job while still in high school was working at the Greater Pittsburgh Drive-In Theatre in North Versailles, PA in 1982. 

By 1985 he became a projectionist at the theatre. Additionally, he managed and operated the South Hills Drive-In Theatre in Pleasant Hills, PA.  Both the Greater Pittsburgh and the South Hills were owned by the Warren family for whom Lipuma worked from 1982 until 1994.

Along the way, he wore many hats outside of the theatre business, all of which helped him to build a strong business foundation.  He was assistant-manager for a Radio Shack store.  He was a warehouse manager at Triangle Electronics Co.  In Pittsburgh, PA for 7 years.  He owned and operated two businesses, L&M Lawn Service and L&S Fundraising Company prior to selling them. Additionally, the community minded Lipuma has also served as a volunteer fireman for the last 11 years and a licensed EMT for 6 years.  He did all of those things while working at the Greater Pittsburgh Drive-In!

Soon, Lipuma wanted to own his own drive-in.  In 1994 he re-opened a long closed drive-in in Vandergrift, PA.  The Galaxy Drive-In took a lot of work to get up and running again, but he made it look easy.  In 1996 he re-opened a second drive-in, the Moonlite Drive-In Theatre in Brookville, PA. 

As owner and operator of The Moonlite Drive-In, Lipuma has been the subject of many nationwide newspaper articles and served as the first President of The United Drive-In Theater Owners Association.  He is an inspiration to all who are considering re-opening a long-closed drive-in. Intent on doing all he can to help the "little guy" in the theatre industry, he also owns and operates Cinema 1 Theatre Supply in Vandergrift, PA. His company deals in service and supplies to the theatre industry.

Jim also owns and operates Brookville Classic Limos, as well as 1 STOP Fundraising Company that specializes in helping our local groups and organizations with their fundraising needs.

Jim has been serving the community for 19 years and now serves as the Fire Chief of the Brookville Volunteer Fire Company.

Written by Randy and Debreen Loy


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